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Carta de comiat de la Demi, la nostra primera auxiliar de conversa anglesa

24 de març 2014, 7:10 publicada per gregori martinez

Carta de comiat Demi,
la nostra primera auxiliar de conversa


From my very first day in Escola Pia everyone I met was absolutely lovely. I couldn’t believe how welcoming and kind everyone was.  Gregori, Ascensi and Dolors showed me around Caldes on my first day and helped me to set up some things I would need. I had classes in Eso and Primària so I was able to see the route, although it was organised so that most of the time I had another teacher drive with me between schools.

My first lesson I was a little nervous as I had never taught before and I didn’t speak or understand a word of Catalan or Spanish and so I was unsure how the children would take to me. But the children were as lovely as the teachers!! So welcoming and sweet and interested in me and where I’d come from etc. My first class was 4th primària and I remember thinking they will probably be my favourite, but it turned out that all of the students, from 1st primària to 4th eso were all a delight to teach!

Shortly after I began working at Escola Pia Gregori sent an email to let people know I had arrived and I was able to begin lots of tutoring. That was very helpful to me and another example of how caring the staff at Escola Pia are. I quickly developed a regular group of teachers and students who I tutored outside of school hours and this also helped me to develop my bonds.

In November I changed my host family and moved to Sentmenat. The family I lived with are amazing people. Again, so welcoming, kind, accommodating and truly wonderful people I am pleased to have met. Being in another country and not knowing anyone is difficult at times and they really made me feel I was part of a family. A member of staff at Escola Pia lived in Sentmenat also and not only did she become a good friend, she helped me with the commute to work. Absolutely everyone I met during my time at Escola Pia were memorable people in their own way. Growing up in London people are very busy and keep to themselves. Rarely do strangers stop what they’re doing to help you with something etc  and so it was shocking but so lovely to meet such caring and thoughtful people.

Also, the traditions I was fortunate enough to witness were great experiences for me. Castanyada, Christmas, The Three Kings, Sant Josep and many more. Escola Pia allowed me to be a part of all of the celebrations and I was able to really experience the culture.

I have so many memories I will cherish forever of Escola Pia and so many accounts for which I am grateful to so many people. I decided to leave Escola Pia because I felt it was time for me to spread my wings and further my experience living abroad. To do so I had to leave the company I was employed by and unfortunately that meant I couldn’t stay at Escola Pia. On my last week the amount of cards I received from my students was so touching! It was a truly amazing feeling to see how I had made an impact. It was an emotional week which I didn’t expect! I really will miss every single person who works and studies at Escola Pia and I will never forget a moment of this experience! I was lucky enough to have perfect students, brilliant co workers and I made some great friendships! I will be back to visit Escola Pia, definitely! And I look forward to seeing everyone again J

A HUGE thank you to all of my students and to all of the staff at Escola Pia